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Can the Obamas singlehandedly save marraiges?

because the way people are talking, it sure seems they can.  During the campaign, some people expressed concern that we were hyping him up too much and putting too much pressure on him.  Now that he’s President, I think some have gone overboard.

I mean for real, have their been no healthy examples of black marriages since the Cosby show?  And for that matter, were there any health examples of black marriages before the Cosby show?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Cosby show.  I love seeing two successful Black parents that loved each other, could have loving disagreements, didn’t beat their children

It seems like if I did a time line of healthy Black marriages it would go like this

Cosby Family

1984-1992: Cosbys (the Cosby show)

Obama Family

1992 – now: Obamas (real life)

This looks ridiculous, because it is ridiculous.  I think it’s nice we have another example of a healthy marriage, but the Obamas are not the end all be all and the media (yes i’m looking at you CNN) really needs to stop pretending that this is the cure to Black “pathology”.