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first publication, first author! boo-yow

I don’t even know how I didn’t post this to my own blog yet since I posted it on twitter and facebook a few weeks ago. But my first chapter, that turned into a journal article has finally been published! Hooray.

You can read it here.

This article uses data from the Fragile Families and Child Well-being Survey to examine the association between transitioning to marriage and general health status or serious health problems among low-income men.  Beginning with a sample of 3,631 unmarried fathers, the study observes the relationship between their transitions to marriage within 3 years after the birth of their child and their health status 5 years postbirth. The authors also explore if unmarried fathers benefit from marrying mothers who have health insurance. Results indicate that transitions to marriage and transitions to marriage with mothers who have health insurance, are associated with fewer serious health problems. The authors did not observe a significant relationship between transitioning to marriage and general health, likely because the sample comprised men who were young (average age was 26 years) and in very good health.



i’m still alive

So ashamed to have written more than one of these “I’m still alive” posts.  But, yeah I’m still alive.

I’ve barely seen anyone in months, except for my classmates and occasionally my family.

So what have I been up to?

  • * painted my room – tried once with Stacey and it was an utter failure (really, really bad).  In our defense, the paint looked white while wet, and the wall was white, so we couldn’t really see what was going on.  Then it dried white, then looked green for maybe 5 minutes and then looked dark blue (fail).  After whining about the color my roommate came home and says “love the blue!” (epic fail).  So I repainted on Valentines Day (yes I did), and the wall still looks white, green or blue depending on the time of day.
  • * presented my very own research at forum entitled in The Social Determinants of Health: A Discussion of the Relationship Between Marriage and Health Outcomes in African-American Communities in Washington, DC.   I was soo nervous, I was literally shaking.  It was crazy!  But I rocked it out.  I even made a joke in the beginning about wife’s keeping their husbands alive and the crowd loved it.  And then I was ok, well, no I was still nervous and speed-talked but then I saw Mincy giving me the slow down sign and then I got control over myself and finished.  I thought about posting the power point, but I don’t know that anyone (other than my mom) would be interested in.
  • * My first chapter, which then turned into my first article is going to be published finally!  Well either in August or September but in the 2010.  I can’t believe it. 2 years and it’s almost over. Oh yeah!
  • * I made (and by made, I mean printed, cut and taped to my wall) this super call wall feature. Pic coming soon.
  • * cooking – I love it.  It saves money.  It’s fun, it’s rewarding.  Unless I cook something bad, because there is always too much, and my roommate never helps me eat the bad stuff (I don’t blame her).  Trying to find low calorie meals that are really tasty is challenging at times, but I’m rolling with it.  Not surprisingly, I find something I like and then eat it every day for 3 weeks straight.  I’m currently going through a grilling phase but I know I shouldn’t each chicken wings every day… but they are so tasty (especially with this new grill seasoning I got). :)
  • * getting healthy – It’s an ongoing process.  My weight yo-yos.  Sometimes I eat super healthy, sometimes I eat crap, some weeks I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, sometimes I skip it all together.  Oh and I keep spraining my ankle, this probably has to do with the fact that I barely do rehab exercises or let it heal fully.  All in all, I try to be forgiving of myself and honestly, that’s always that hard part.
  • * dating, well wouldn’t you like to know? ;-) no but for real, there’s no time for that right now.

next up:

  • * gardening – last summer the apartment a couple of floors below us had this amazing balcony garden.  from the street, it looks amazing.  I don’t know that I want all that, i just want to grow some herbs and hopefully some string beans (it is sooo hard to find good ones).  i really wish i could grow grapefruit ( i have to have them every day).


Trying to get my life back

In 6 days i will begin a 3 week vacation.  My first vacation in over two years.  My last vacation was prob my worst with my (ex) boyfriend and lots o drama. So I need to make up for lost time and create some positive memories to associate with vacation.

I have a few goals over those next 3 weeks:

    1. Focus SASSY.  It’s too all over the place.  There’s no structure.  I know it can better.
    2. Finish the edits on the chapter – which has now turned into a journal article.  the editors had the second draft for almost 6 months and returned it yesterday and said they wanted revisions by Augutst 19th.  That wasn’t happening but one of  my coauthors and I are trying to get it out by September 2nd.  Wish us luck!
    3. Do and mega pro and cons list of my two dissertation ideas.  I know I haven’t started the program but if I want to get out in 3 years I need to go in knowing exactly what I want to do.
    4. PhD bootcamp with my cousin who just got her PhD.  (Congrats Leah).  I have no idea of what this entails.
    5. Exercise. a lot.  I know it will help relieve stress and my goal is to put myself on a schedule and make this routine.  Even though I am currently pretty healthy, I know I can do better.
    6. Create a realistic healthier diet.  I just moved and have been eating crap for three weeks.  My body can’t take it anymore.

      That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll keep you updated.


      writing takes courage

      that’s what all the books say at least.

      that would prob explain why i can’t bring myself to write the lit review for the chapter. isn’t this supposed to be the easiest part?  I need to stop being a punk and just bust this out. blah.


      These inspire me

      As I struggle through my first chapter, I sneak peek at my fav blogs for inspiration.  So I decided to share them with you.

      Apartment Therapy – i love seeing dope apartments.

      Made by Girl - I just love her stuff. I want to break out my silk screen

      Deception Pass – i love the sims. i admire how much time they spend on this – the writing and all the custom gear they make. i love it.

      What inspires you?


      4 weeks

      Ack time is flying.

      Had a meeting with the editor yesterday.  Almost totally done with the data, I think a solid two hours should do it.  And now to write.  Even though I don’t need to turn the article in for 4 weeks, my boss wants it in two. So… away I go to write.


      7 weeks

      ok so if you read my other blog, you would know that I am currently co-authoring a chapter on marriage and health in the Black community. My first draft is due in 7 weeks. That’s still a lot of time, but I’m known for procrastinating. I am working on my discipline, but there are just so many things to do each day – in and out of work.

      At any rate, I’ve got most of the data, I know what I want to do it. I’m working on the outline. I’m about to make this happen.