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believing black men and boys are valuable even when no one else does


I am still raw from last night’s verdict.  I tried to watch the case over the past few weeks but it was too difficult.  People were sidetracked by Rachel Jeantel’s color, weight and grammar.  Sidetracked by a little weed in Trayvon’s system and old pictures of him on social media.  And then last night, I thought I could handle news coverage after the case but a few minutes into watching the defense  gloat and I was sick to my stomach.  And then Zimmerman’s brother came on asking more questions to tarnish Trayvon’s reputation and push the idea that Zimmerman, who is alive, is the victim.  I tend to get angry over verdicts like this, but last night I cried.

After last night, how can we look Black boys in the eyes and tell them they are valuable?  We can’t act like this is an isolated incident when it seems every year an unarmed Black man or boy is killed and justice is not served.  One can’t help but notice how Vick got two years for dog fighting and Placo got one year for shooting himself, but Zimmerman serves no time for admitting to shooting a child.  What we learned last night is that you get a pass for hunting a Black child if you feel scared enough.  We also know that every act of self-defense isn’t considered Stand Your Ground when a Black woman,who didn’t kill anyone, was given 20 years.

And what scares me more, this idea that your fists, your attitude and a slab on concrete are now dangerous weapons at Black men’s disposal and are so dangerous that they can be countered with a gun if you feel threatened enough.  When I heard this come out of Zimmerman’s brother’s mouth, my first thought was of Douglas Reddish and how his case has already been totally rewritten.  Instead of a Black man punching a drunk White man for yelling profanities and racial slurs at him and his girlfriend over lunch, I can already hear how the angry, drunk, belligerent man is the a victim because Reddish used the weapons of his fist and the sidewalk to knock him out.  Because Reddish couldn’t just sit there and take the verbal abuse.

And perhaps the worst part, how so many people were sad about the verdict but not surprised.  Some people weren’t surprised from a legal standpoint.  I don’t really understand their argument, but I’ve heard if enough from lawyers and pundits on television that I have to believe at least some of it is true. But mostly, many people already know that the lives of Black men and boys are never valued as much as others.  This is how you can have a case about murder and somehow manage to place the dead victim on trial.  The irony of Zimmerman’s frustrated muttering, “These assholes always get away,” was not lost on me.

Today I am still sad about the verdict.  Today I still wonder how do we explain to boys that even though there are countless examples of them being killed with no one being found guilty or sent to jail that their lives still matter and that they are still valuable.  Today I wonder how can men balance protecting themselves and their families while juggling everyone’s fear.  How can we look men in the face and say you can no longer protect yourself if you feel threatened because it’s not safe for you?  You’re in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.  It’s not fair and it’s not going to change anytime soon.  I think Cord Jefferson nailed it:  It’s a complicated thing to be young, Black and male in America.


just stop nadya suleman

a lot has been written about Nadya Suleman and her 14 children.  Let me break down the problem for you, she is unemployed, single and has 14 children.  She has 14 children! How are we arguing that this is not completely irresponsible?  Her parents have financial problems so they moved into her house to live with her.  How are these people supposed to cloth and feed 14 children, 8 of whom are infants.  How are these people supposed to keep their sanity?  How are we not seeing this as a problem?

Would this still be a problem if she was married?  It depends, if her husband was loaded and they had a house large enough to accommodate 14 children and could afford enough child care, I would probably say no.  But if he was as broke as she is, then yes.  As it stands now, her parents are trying to support her.  Her father is going back to Iraq to make some money, I guess the mother’s going to stay home and take care of the kids and perhaps Nadya will go back to school and get the degree?  Then what?  We are in a major recession, it’s not easy to get a job, no matter what type of education you have.

I get it, she was an only child and she wanted a large family.  That’s perfectly fine, but the manner in which she chose to do this is crazy.  After successfully having six children, she decided to go back and use the 6 remaining eggs.  It’s not that she’s ignorant, she’s actually quite knowledgeable about the process and risks, she just didn’t care.  She just wanted to have those children.

I think if you’re lonely and a broke grad school student, get a pet.


Is Palin for real?

Because I just can’t take it anymore.

The $150K on bad suits. And then saying that it couldn’t have been that much.

Her makeup artist being the highest paid McCain staffer?

Her dissing the interational research community by joking about research on fruit flies.

Her ignorance of what exactly the vice president does?

She can’t be for real. I refuse to believe it.

And while I’m talking about crazy, Ashley Todd.  Where could I begin? Where would I stop.  White people, when you fuck up, please stop blaming the black guy. It’s old.

Oh and McCain, tell your brother to bring it in.