Oprah’s Power

I’ve been reading The Power (follow up The Secret), which is all about love and the laws of attraction.  Basically, what you give out to the world is what you get back.  Give love, get love. Very simple, in theory.  Oprah’s favorite things episode came on Friday, I just got around to watching it this morning.  The way I was hollering, you would have thought that I was actually getting the gifts.  Oprah makes me think of The Power.  Oprah has a hit show that people would watch whether she gave away tons of gifts every year or now.  Hell, if she gave her audience one gift  on the show people would still go crazy.  She gives because she wants to, and I believe when she gives and she gets back.  This makes me happy.

Of the 25 gifts or so, my favs were:

If you know me, you know I LOVE the Container Store.  Almost too much.  So when Oprah gave away this Elfa Closet system I just about lost it.  My roommate was dying.

Netflix for 5 years?! Son. That is freaking awesome.

I love that Oprah gave a way to give back.  Kiva allows you to donate money to fund loans for small businesses around the world.  This is pretty sweet also because Groupon (which I just recently came to love) will add $10 to your donation.

These sneakers look soo comfy. I totally want.  I will get them, and then I will start running again. (back to #operationfuturemilf).

Of course the diamond watch and cruise are dope too.

Part 2 of Oprah’s Favorite things airs today.  I cannot wait.


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