August 2010 archive

what i did instead of writing my paper

School hasn’t even started yet and I’m already procrastinating (old habits die hard). ¬†Anyway, I’m trying to write up the results of my presentation for the AddHealth conference and instead of just plugging away, I did this:



My roommate encouraged me to embrace the mistakes, it makes it look more authentic. nice.

Hopefully it will inspire me to actually do some work.


sometimes coming out can be crazy anticlimatic

as i discovered last weekend when i came out to my bro, mainly in fear that my cousins would do it first.

me: hey you remember when you asked me if i was gay in college?
bro: i didn’t ask you that.
me: yes you did. remember, you said you thought that when i was on you guys about being homophobic?
bro: i remember everything. i didn’t ask you that.
me: fine, you remember [insert ex girlfriend's name here]? (shows him a picture)
bro: yeah.
me: well she was my girlfriend for 2 years.
bro: every girl goes through a phase like that.

completely and utterly unclimatic. meh.  well at least i got that out the way.