April 2010 archive

it’s my birthday

*singing like Cartman* “It’s my birthday! My b-b-birthday!

So I should keep working on my latest draft about father involvement and its effect on adult daughter sexual decision making, but instead I created another blog.  Yes another blog that I am pledging not to neglect.  Anyway, it’s the place where I want to house my creative endeavors, so without further ado, I present: domesticated e. :) nice.

This birthday feels like New Years, and I’ve got a few resolutions.  My main one is to write every day, mainly here.  I am going to try to revive SASSY again as well, that just goes along with my writing every day.  Basically, the only way I will improve as a writer, and feel more confidently about is, is to do it more.  So, tomorrow is day 1 of operation write every day.

wish me luck,

a little birthday present to me

Yay it’s spring! And it’s finally warm, which means I can spend time on my deck.  Look at my early birthday present to myself.

Too cute!

All from Target, if you hurry you can still catch both the bistro set and pillows on sale. :)

If I had my way, I’d paint the floor – maybe white or paint a “carpet” on there.  Next up, some potted plants and maybe some lights.