August 2009 archive

vacation. day 1.

This is my first real vacation since 2007.  I am beyond excited to not really have a plan and do a ton of things I want to do – like design my new apartment, make an inspiration board and I’m thinking of making a headboard too – things I need to do – finish the final draft of my first peer-reviewed journal article, focus SASSY, see my family – and just relax.

For my first day of vacation, I was shamed into going to the gym by my roommate (ha) but at the gym I saw my old gym buddy.  After 45 minutes of cardio (and girl talk), we decided to go to the beach.  Since it was a million degrees outside, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, but we called up a few other friends and headed over.

It was so relaxing.  We went in the water, we laid out in the sun.  Aside from getting hit by some guy’s umbrella (twice!), it was so peaceful.

Then I came home and made a healthy dinner with my roommate (SASSY post on that coming soon) – roasted portobello caprese salad. yum.  We tried to put together the couch, we were unsuccessful, but at least it’s here.

After that I was exhausted, so I went to bed.

It was an excellent beginning to what is sure to  be an excellent vacation.


Trying to get my life back

In 6 days i will begin a 3 week vacation.  My first vacation in over two years.  My last vacation was prob my worst with my (ex) boyfriend and lots o drama. So I need to make up for lost time and create some positive memories to associate with vacation.

I have a few goals over those next 3 weeks:

    1. Focus SASSY.  It’s too all over the place.  There’s no structure.  I know it can better.
    2. Finish the edits on the chapter – which has now turned into a journal article.  the editors had the second draft for almost 6 months and returned it yesterday and said they wanted revisions by Augutst 19th.  That wasn’t happening but one of  my coauthors and I are trying to get it out by September 2nd.  Wish us luck!
    3. Do and mega pro and cons list of my two dissertation ideas.  I know I haven’t started the program but if I want to get out in 3 years I need to go in knowing exactly what I want to do.
    4. PhD bootcamp with my cousin who just got her PhD.  (Congrats Leah).  I have no idea of what this entails.
    5. Exercise. a lot.  I know it will help relieve stress and my goal is to put myself on a schedule and make this routine.  Even though I am currently pretty healthy, I know I can do better.
    6. Create a realistic healthier diet.  I just moved and have been eating crap for three weeks.  My body can’t take it anymore.

      That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll keep you updated.