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Black Love is Alive

Oh how I smiled when I read this: The Guinness World Record holders for longest marriage are black! Wow. 84 years!

The two of them can still give their reasons for marrying on May 13, 1924. “He was not mean; he was not a fighter,” Zelmrya said. “He was quiet and kind. He was not much to look at but he was sweet.”

She found a good man and held on to him (even though he wasn’t a looker). I can’t be mad at that.

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the good, the bad and the ugly: Rihanna and Chris Brown

I’ve been holding off on commenting on this for a while, but since people are asking, here’s my two cents.

the good
well, some light is being shed on domestic violence in the black community.  We are actually acknowledging it exists and speaking about it with our friends.  We are seeing that it can happen to anyone and we are seeing a lot of people talking out how this has affected them personally – men and women.  And hopefully, we will see a beautiful young woman strong enough to walk away and a young man secure enough to get some real help and learn to deal with his issues.

the bad
Most likely we won’t.  And it will be heartbreaking to see them together again, and more heartbreaking when he does this again.  I understand that it is not easy to walk away from an abusive relationship.  I know even when women leave it is emotionally draining to press charges.

the ugly
The way young people are reacting to this situation.  Reading the comments on Black gossip sites and on Rihanna and Chris’s myspace pages is horrifying.  Some young people think this is ok.  Some people think being provoked is a reason to beat a woman (this comes straight from Chris’s sister AND cousin).

So what do you guys think?


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p.s. dope vid courtesy of ill doctrine

just stop nadya suleman

a lot has been written about Nadya Suleman and her 14 children.  Let me break down the problem for you, she is unemployed, single and has 14 children.  She has 14 children! How are we arguing that this is not completely irresponsible?  Her parents have financial problems so they moved into her house to live with her.  How are these people supposed to cloth and feed 14 children, 8 of whom are infants.  How are these people supposed to keep their sanity?  How are we not seeing this as a problem?

Would this still be a problem if she was married?  It depends, if her husband was loaded and they had a house large enough to accommodate 14 children and could afford enough child care, I would probably say no.  But if he was as broke as she is, then yes.  As it stands now, her parents are trying to support her.  Her father is going back to Iraq to make some money, I guess the mother’s going to stay home and take care of the kids and perhaps Nadya will go back to school and get the degree?  Then what?  We are in a major recession, it’s not easy to get a job, no matter what type of education you have.

I get it, she was an only child and she wanted a large family.  That’s perfectly fine, but the manner in which she chose to do this is crazy.  After successfully having six children, she decided to go back and use the 6 remaining eggs.  It’s not that she’s ignorant, she’s actually quite knowledgeable about the process and risks, she just didn’t care.  She just wanted to have those children.

I think if you’re lonely and a broke grad school student, get a pet.