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Uhm. What in the world did i just witness on the RNC tonight? That was the most viscous, off the wall and insane speech I ever heard. Palin came out fighting, but barely touched the issues that really concern us. Fine, your kids are off limits but I will continue to give you the side eye until you start supporting contraceptive education in schools because clearly abstinence only is not working.

Community organizers and social workers, republicans don’t respect you nor the work you do. Don’t give them your vote. To hear them laugh and jeer like actually working with real people isn’t any experience, like it’s not important.

I’m still not sure what exactly Palin’s experience nor how her experience is more meaningful than Obama’s.  I still don’t know what Palin’s experience is with international policy?  I’m confused why being a sportscaster is cute and quirky and working in the community is looked down upon.

She backed off her values – she didn’t mention abortion, she didn’t mention creationalism, she didn’t mention abstinence only education. She stayed away from landmines. She thought she was slick.

You know how I feel about Hillary. She was tough and at times pushed it too far at times. Words matter, so I won’t call Palin what I think she is.  She was mean, she was smug, she made jokes of serious issues, she name called. It was pathetic. I wasn’t moved or touched. I was just amazed that she was allowed to deliver that speech.

The democrats were gracious and someone over at Jack and Jill warned them. They said said something along the lines of “stop telling us McCain is your friend, but..” becuase please the Republicans won’t. And sure enough, there was no “Obama is my friend” or “Biden is a great guy.” No the Republicans went for the jugular. It was off-putting for me, but the crowd ate it up.

And then there was the propaganda.  Uhm, Republicans, what change are you trying to bring?  Why are you acting like your poor decisions didn’t put us in this situation?  How are you going to blame the liberals for wasting money on social programs, when you have cut funding for these programs year after year? How will 4 years of McCain/Palin differ from 8 of Bush/Cheney?  How are we winning the war?  Why are we still talking “Islamic terrorist?’  Scare tactics are played out.  Why are you talking bad about the “good old boys” when you are the good old boys.

And yes, it was unfortunate that McCain was a POW and the story is very inspiring, however, being a POW does not make you qualified to be President.

Blah, I gotta finish running this data and go to bed.


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